Welcome to Memphis Fire Scanner, your source for the web’s exclusive live scanner feed of the Memphis Fire Department. 

Memphis Fire Scanner was started in 2006 after the City of Memphis converted to a new 800mhz trunking system which enabled digital scanners to hear this radio system. 

Memphis Fire Scanner actually consists of two separate live feeds.  One feed consists of the Primary Dispatch Channel and the first ten fireground channels.  The second feed is the Vocal Alarm which is the “station alerting” channel where companies receive runs if they are in the station. Donations are always welcome as they help keep this website up and running.  Donations will also go towards new equipment and software to upgrade and update what is offered here.  

A recent addition to Memphis Fire Scanner is Memphis Fire Alert.  Memphis Fire Alert is an unofficial notification system of working incidents that occur within the city limits of Memphis or surrounding mutual aid areas.  Below you can see the most recent incidents.  For more information, see http://www.memphisfirescanner.com/alert.  Currently, we have over 350 email addresses subscribed to this free service.

Thanks again for stopping by and hope that you will please email me if you have any questions, complaints, etc. My email address is [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you.

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To hear Shelby County FD, Memphis PD, and Shelby County SO, visit Scan Memphis.